Monday, March 14, 2011

What color for your toes, Mister?

It has been the most relaxing day so far.  Jim had to drag me out of bed and force me to grudgingly get up for breakfast.  His lure - the promise of spa treatments.  The man knows me well.

We took the shuttle into town last night for the first fitting of our new shirts.  I've had four work shirts made and Jim six.  My shirts fit fine and just need a couple of tiny adjustments.  The gals at the tailor shop are disgusted with Jim as they firmly believe his shirts should be more form than function.  After quite a lot of discussion they have agreed to make his shirts a bit roomier so that he can drive the car without an incredible hulk type breakout.  The tailor even came by to have a look. 

After visiting the gals, we made our way for our requisite visit to the Marble Wine Bar for a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc.  They now know to bring a little dish of salted spanish peanuts when we arrive.  Jim was feeling a bit weary of Vietnamese food last night so we chose to disappoint the Wine Bar lady by going elsewhere for dinner.  We knew the Cargo Club had some western type dishes so we talked them into giving us a table.  We had a greek salad, margarita pizza, and chicken parmesan.  It all had a little flavor of Vietnam, but provided us with a little home food comfort.

I think I may have been a little too excited about our day off today - I drank too much wine and don't really remember the trip back to our resort.  Clearly Jim took good care of me as I woke safe and sound in our lovely room this morning with full view of the South China Sea and husband/wife teams fishing in round bamboo basket boats.

After our breakfast this morning we visited the spa for an hour-long foot massage and pedicure.  Jim was being a good sport about the foot treatment - particularly when his technician asked him what color he'd like for his toenails.

Afterwards we spent several hours poolside - having lunch at the poolside bar.  We had a nice long walk down the beach and looked at the eclectic mix of tourists - all nationalities, shapes, sizes, and swimming costumes.  What a laugh.

I wish I could report more exciting activities today, but we were glad to read our books and relax the day away.  We're back on the shuttle in 30 minutes for our second fitting at the tailor shop, a bit of shopping for gifts, a visit to the wine bar, and dinner at Mango Rooms.

Tomorrow we do a Lauren style loop-da-loop and do it all over again.

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  1. So loving living vicariously through your amazing stories and realized today that I will be disappointed when I do not have your daily update to look forward to…..could you stay another few weeks just to entertain me?