Friday, March 4, 2011

Greetings from Hong Kong

Well, I joined Jim in Hong Kong at about 1:00 AM on Saturday morning.  Hong Kong is so huge - the trip from the airport was through endless city lights.  Jim is still all screwed up on time (as am I) so we were up and out early this morning.  We walked along the promenade at Victoria Harbor.  The Kowloon Peninsula is quite lovely and I'd compare it to Chicago's Michigan Avenue - very ritzy and touristy.  We went to THE Peninsula hotel for a very nice healthy breakfast.  Besides the beautiful Peninsula hotel, the architecture here doesn't come anywhere near Chicago - most of it is not very attractive.  However, we came across so many beautiful public art spots - with flowers and gorgeous sculptures.  It's all very well groomed and clean.  Hardly any people are around but I suspect we'll see that change as it gets later in the day.  We're back at the hotel now because neither of us are feeling particularly well.  In a little bit we're going to go over to the Hong Kong Island side of the harbor and go to The Peak - which I think is a high point with a view of all of Hong Kong.  It's a bit foggy today, so we don't expect to see that much but we'll give it a try.  The Langham hotel is really nice with a rooftop pool/hot tub/health club.  This is where we intend to spend the afternoon - just resting and maybe getting a bit of exercise - getting Jim healthy and me acclimated to the other side of the world.  It's mid 60's and humid with a cool breeze.  Feels very much like a chilly Key West morning. 

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