Monday, March 21, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

We made it home!  We were sad to see our wonderful trip end but happy to be home.  There is one happy kitty here too.  The trip home was boring which was the best possible outcome.  We had a 6 hour flight to Korea, a 5 hour layover in Korea, and a 12.5 hour flight to Chicago.  The worst part was the chicken sandwiches we ordered at the KFC in Seoul.  I think they made them a few days prior to our ordering them.  We opted to go hungry. 

When we got home it was shower and bed.  We both had a few cat naps on our flights, but were dizzy tired from the whole journey.  There was a 4 hour period where I believe I may have been dead.  Then we dashed over to Lou Malnati's for pizza with Keegan, Tim, Lynn, Nick, and Katie.  It was so nice to have some cold beer, a salad, and deep dish pizza.  Also, it was good to understand everything people were saying and have them understand us.  What was best of all, though, was seeing our friends faces, joking around, and being in the great city of Chicago. 

Having had a good nights sleep (although not long enough) I'm ready to get dressed for work and let the next whirlwind begin. 

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