Friday, March 11, 2011

No Worries Here

Hello!  Thanks to everyone who has sent us messages checking on our well being.  We are very sorry to learn of the news of the earthquake in Japan and subsequent Tsunami warnings.  However, we are happy to report to you that we are fine.  According to Vietnam is not part of the Tsunami warnings.  We are currently in a beach resort area called Hoi An.  We can see the beach from our little cottage.  The South China Sea has been rough all day, but we are not in danger. 

We had a great day of touring the ancient seaside town of Hoi An and then went into the mountain range to see My Son ("Mee Son") to see the 2,000 year old Hindu temples.  It was incredible.  We've had dinner and will go to bed soon.  Tomorrow we have a free day and have spa treatments booked and plan to go back into the town to have some clothes made.  It is warm and my skin is soaking up the humidity.

We aren't able to use our cell phones so I will be sure to send another post tomorrrow to confirm we are OK.

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  1. This morning Chris asked me if I could text you guys about the Tsunami; when I went to the blog, the last posting was 3/8 so we became concerned.

    Thanks for the update - we are glad you are safe and it sounds like an awesome trip. I'm so jealous -- not that my Jim would go out of the US.