Saturday, March 5, 2011

A great day in Hong Kong

Well, after a rest yesterday morning we rallied and wound up packing a lot into the day.  We started by taking a cab to the Peak Station where we took a big red tram up to the top of what flatlanders would call a mountain.  This was on the Hong Kong Island side (Central) which we found to have much more charm to it  Also, there was the large business area with gorgeous skyscrapers.  We were the last people on the tram so had to stand for the steep climb up to the top.  That wasn't easy.  The tram emptied out into some sort of multi level mall.  At the top was a terrace where you could look out at all of Hong Kong.  We took some good photos up there and got whipped around in the wind.  We got out of the mall and, rather than taking the tram back down, we walked the Old Peak Road back down the mountain.  It was very steep and Jim looked really funny walking down at an angle.  There were people passing us as we carefully made our way down.  Some crazy folks were walking UP the road!  Old Peak Road dumped us out right by the Zoological Gardens so we went on in to check it out.  There were endangered birds, monkeys, and a racoon in the Zoo.  We laughed our heads up on a few monkeys who were having a battle royale while swinging all over their large cage.  We next walked through the business district which was very cool and found the subway which we rode back to Kowloon Peninsula to the market district.  The subway is very easy to figure out and took no time at all.  We visited the Ladies Market which was several blocks of stalls selling handbags, watches, shirts, etc.  This place was so crowded.  I couldn't believe the huge mob of people everywhere.  We passed by many restaurants but were too confused to go into one - and some of them smelled REALLY bad.  So, we went to McDonald's.  It was super crowded and we found a little counter space at which to eat a cheeseburger.  It was comforting to have something so familiar in a sea of unfamiliar.  A taste of home.  Next we went to the Goldfish Market.  This is adjacent to the Ladies Market and if you are in the market for a kitten, puppy, turtle, goldfish, snake or lizard this is the place to go.  It's like a giant disorganized outdoor Pet Smart.  We really grew warry of the crowds - it was like the Taste of Chicago crowds and found the subway back to our hotel.  It is challenging to cross the street around here.  You are either crossing with a mob or need to go down into the subway to go under the street.  We had a rest and then got dressed for dinner.  Our dinner restaurant (recommended by Lewis Love at Aon) wound up being directly across the street from our hotel.  It was on the 28th floor overlooking Victoria Harbor - the waterway between Kowloon and Hong Kong island.  At 8:00 the light show began with laser lights and blinking neon everywhere.  It was pretty cool and the view of Hong Kong island and all the skyscrapers and neon was something we'll never forget.  Our dinner was pretty spactacular too.  We had white sesame crusted asparagus, yummy salted cucumber, and Jim had sticky and sweet port ribs.  I orderd the Red Dragon which came in a giant wooden basket.  Hidden under hundreds of whole red dry chili peppers were delicious and diabolically spicy chunks of chicken.  We had a really good time together at this restaurant which we decorated in a very cool old Chinese way.  After dinner we had a nightcap at our hotel bar and had a very good night of serious sleep.  This morning we had the buffet brunch at the hotel - they have an automatic pancake machine.  You just hit the OK button and a few minutes later a pancake comes out!  I think Lauren would love it.  In a few hours the shuttle picks us up for the airport and off we'll go to Hanoi.  Goin' to Nam!

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  1. I KNEW you'd need to find a McD's at some point! too funny! Are all your guides names Lon?