Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rinse and Repeat

We had a day today much like yesterday.  After a Pho breakfast for Kara and eggs for Jim, we went poolside.  Most of the morning was spent reading, swimming, sunning, and snoozing.  We took some more photos of this beautiful resort.  My goal for the morning - see how slowly I can walk from place to place.  Yes, it is a state of extreme relaxation which I hope to tap into once we get back to our crazy working lives.

After a while we needed lunch so we borrowed some bicycles from the resort and went up the road to the next resort - Golden Sands - for a lovely lunch.  All this activity made us tired so we came back for more resting.  Is that the laziest day ever, or what?

Last night we paid a third visit to our gals at the tailor shop - sisters who seem to look forward to our visits now - waiting on the sidewalk to wave us in and give us each a cold Bier Larue.  Tonight we visit them again as they've offered to ship all the souvenirs and gifts we've purchased along with our new clothes.  I'm sure we'll have another nice visit with lots of questions about each others lives.

After our tailor shop visit we again stopped in on the Marble Wine Bar for a glass of white and then to Mango Rooms for dinner.  I had a delicious menu item - Fish Called Phish which was delicious red snapper in a mango sauce.  Jim had shrimp wrapped in beef which was also quite excellent.  For some unknown reason we were exhausted after dinner - opting for a taxi back in advance of the 9:30 shuttle bus.

I sure hope we do better tonight; our last night in Hoi An.  We have plans to go to Secret Garden for dinner.  Tomorrow we are met by Phoung at 1:30 to take us to see the Marble Mountains, Cham Museum, and then to the airport for our short flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We fully expect to find a computer to use from there and will post more adventures ASAP.

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